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Building Popularity Within Social Networks

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Intuitive technologies still have surprises
Social networking apps have provided their share of surprises over the years. Intellectually it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to realize that people don't always act logically. But social networking provides a great example of some of the stranger quirks of human nature. For example, people often assume they have logical reasons for liking things. And this is often the case. And even more so for some of the initial reasons to like something.

But when it comes to actually showing that support and letting it grow than things become a bit more complex. Anyone who uses social media will recognize how odd the pattern can seem. But this oddness is only because people come at it with erroneous assumptions about why people do what they do. One can take instagram as a good example of this in action. It seems obvious that people will like and pay attention to things which trigger a positive emotional reaction. But this is enough to get people to stop and take a look. But it's usually not enough to push someone to actually take action. 
Building popularity within social networks
This of course raises the most important question. How should one go about gaining likes and popularity on instagram. The answer is shockingly simple. It involves using a service to buy instagram likes. Obviously this won't make someone enjoy an image that they otherwise wouldn't. But again, what matters more is people who already like it taking action. Seeing other people like something prompts that action in people. Humanity is a highly social being. When people see others taking an action than they feel they should do so as well. This is especially true within subjective realms where people look to each other for validation. When one buys likes on instagram one is essentially buying reassurance for other people that they too should like it. And this rapidly turns bought likes into the real thing.